About Us

The idea of creating WARRIORLAB, the Private label of the X-TREME STORES company started in 2008. Our goal then and now is a complete and unique range of products for athletes, with strict production standards, perfectly adapted to the European legislation. It took us two years to find the right materials and to choose reliable factories in Ireland and Germany, where they would take the product packaging.

End of 2009 the first products WARRIORLAB appeared in Greek market earning from the start positive impressions. After a year, in 2010 the range expanded rapidly, we refreshed appearance of products, and we started sponsoring popular athletes. At the end of that year sales results of WARRIORLAB showed that this new Greek company was second in turnover among dozens, world famous companies of X-TREME STORES!

Contributed to this success factors such as unique product mix of the company without blends, satisfied consumers who are our best advertisers, and the fact that the products pass the notification procedure in the EOF.

Alongside the WARRIORLAB actively showing the greening of offers for several of its products and the possibility to pack refill with which you can refill the normal packaging.

Since 2011 and until today WARRIORLAB deservedly won every year on the first position in the X-TREME STORES and continues to evolve year after year.