Key Features

How does Warriorlab differ

Quality. Effectiveness. Security. All these would be simple words if there were no evidence to support them. In the detailed product list that follows, you will see some symbols next to the products that represent internationally recognized components from large foreign companies. Here we present in detail these components and what they offer to the body and the performance of the athlete.

What is BioPerine®?

The unique, globally recognized, black pepper extract patent, which, in addition to the thermogenic lipolysis it provides, offers maximum absorption and bioavailability to all other nutritional components received by the body.

What is Optipep®90?

It is a patented form of hydrolyzed protein from the Irish company Carbery and offers a number of advantages over simple Whey, Concentrate and Isolate proteins as well as other common Hydrolyzed proteins. Optipep®90 offers up to 40% faster absorption of BCAAs than a common Hydrolyzed protein.

What is Creapure®?

It is the patented form of pure creatine monohydrate from the German company AlzChem Trostberg GmbH. It is the most widespread form of creatine, since it has undergone the most tests for its safety and effectiveness.

What is DigeZyme®?

DigeZyme® also known as “digestive enzymes”, is an ingredient that consists of special enzymes that help break down macromolecules into smaller building blocks, such as amino acids. By breaking down molecules such as proteins, lipids and other enzymes into simple chains of amino acids, it helps in the utilization and absorption of these amino acids within the body.

What is Carbery Grass Fed Cows?

Our outdoor grazing, extensive grass-based farming system provides us with the perfect environment for sustainable dairy farming. Due to the enormous climate of the Northern Hemishphere, our cows are living outdoor for up to 300 days each year.

Therefore, our whey protein ingredients are approved by the Non-GMO Project’s Product Verification Programme.

What is Kyowa Glutamine?

The Kyowa Quality® (KQ) brand is a world leader with more than 60 years of experience and a reputation for strict quality assurance thanks to innovative fermentation technology. Its Glutamine is the purest, safest, ideal and vegan quality, recognized by the largest supplement companies in the world.