Due to the extremely poor diet of the modern world, often we miss from our daily nutrition the most basic nutrients, not only for muscle mass but for maintain and improvement of the overall health. Everybody knows that the base for the muscular system improvement is all the amino acids, both the essentials and non essentials. Unfortunately our modern way of life and eating we take almost no amino acids from our food. So it is necessary to use an amino nutritional supplement to cover all of our needs.

WARRIORLAB’s AMINO LIQUID in one single serving offers all the amino acids that our body needs in order to build mass. But not only that. The effectiveness of the amino acids is big and in many ways. Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle protein, and this means that play a vital part for muscular development. Also they increase the energy for an intense workout, they block every possibility for muscular break down, overtraining and injury.

Beyond all these, amino acids play a very important part in every biological function since it is known that every body function is based upon a working protein. For example there are aminos for the central nervous system and the brain, for lowering blood pressure and improve the cardiovascular capacity, there are aminos for better blood circulation, others for the memory improvement or for better sleep.

We have two solutions. Either we take every single amino acid on its own and separately, something that will cost us in time and money. Or we take WARRIORLAB’s AMINO LIQUID that in one single serving offers all the aminos we need, in liquid form for faster and better absorption.

The WARRIORLAB’s AMINO LIQUID contains a big quantity of Hydroxyproline, a highly beneficial amino acid to strengthen the joints and tendons. Each serving of AMINO LIQUID before and after workout will strengthen our muscular system and lead to the absolute power, recovery and development.