This product  is not for those who are not working out or have started working out recently.


D-Aspartic acid is an endogenous amino acid produced by the body, located on the nerves and endocrine tissues.
It is placed among 20 basic building materials (proteinogenic amino acids) proteins. The L-Aspartic acid builds muscle tissue. In certain parts of the body (those that produce hormones), L becomes the D-aspartic acid and the main job is to naturally increases endogenous testosterone.

What effect will this have on the body?

Among other functions (power, increased libido, etc.)  D-Aspartic Acid increases the strength of the muscle contractions, helps arteries and other muscles to relax and calm down, increases insulin secretion and lipolysis. In other words make workouts easier and helps burn body fat.
Also related to the increase of nitric oxide levels accelerating in this way the recovery. Particularly important for athletes.