Fish oil is known for its large amount of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids it contains and the large range of beneficial effects in health not only of athletes but also any active man.

The best known beneficial effect of fish oil is to improve the health and function of the cardiovascular system, the parallel drop in bad cholesterol levels.

New studies however have shown that at the same time the additional coverage of the body with Omega 3 helps in losing excess body fat, the grinding and improve the health and elasticity of joints and proper hydration of muscles, so that they are able to hire larger amounts of nutrients.This has a direct and major impact on people who exercise regularly and have greater demands and needs.

The quality of fish oil worldwide depends on the amount of beneficial fatty acids containing (EPA / DHA) and their respective percentage.

WARRIORLAB’s Fish Oil ensures high quality by providing a large proportion of these two types of fatty acids, while coming from the anchovies, a fish that is hardly burdened by heavy metals that may pose harmful effect on the body.