Because only creatine is not enough, the WARRIORLAB presents full creatine formula, COMPLETE LOAD, which increases the strength, energy and muscle size like no other equivalent product.

The LOAD COMPLETE formula contains all the nutrients that will make the body respond to hard training, increasing the size of the muscle fibers in an efficient manner and based on the latest scientific research. These components are:

Pure creatine monohydrate, but alone is not enough. This is something all experienced athletes know. Simple carbohydrates (dextrose) also needed to be able to be absorbed by the muscles, and not expelled from the body. The COMPLETE LOAD contains the necessary amount of carbohydrate.

Ribose, which not only will transfer creatine even faster but itself has proven to minimize the possibility of muscle catabolism, and also increases the levels of energy and ATP production. Arginine, which with the increase blood circulation it offers, will transfer even faster the nutrients, will make nitrogen retention in the muscle by increasing the effectiveness of all other components.

Of course all these ingredients, certainly give us energy and strength during training, but they need some support components due to harder workouts that you’re now able to do. Otherwise there is great risk of catabolism.

That is why the COMPLETE LOAD among other things contains a unique blend of anti-catabolic components, such as glutamine and all bcaa amino acids for full armor of muscles by training intensity.