Creatine is a substance synthesized in the body from the amino acids glycine, arginine and methionine. Located in small amounts in our bodies and in food sources such as red meat.  Creatine main part  is enriching skeletal muscles with Phosphocreatine by 40%, which Phosphocreatine used by the body as an immediate source of energy during short and intensive workouts (anaerobic exercise). Also hydrates muscles with water, which means that the muscle is ready to accept and absorb larger quantities of nutrients (e.g. amino acids).

A large number of investigations of athletes around the world and in most power sports, speed and power have shown that Creatine is a product that improves the strength and power while helping the body to recover from hard workouts and increase the levels energy.  WARRIORLAB’s Creatine of excellent quality and is the preference of thousands of athletes for many years.