What is it?

CLA belongs to the Omega 6 fatty acids and can be found in meat and dairy products but in tiny portions. Supplementing CLA can be beneficial in how our body can handle stored fat. Several researches have shown that CLA can reduce body fat while maintaining muscle mass, especially in a low calories diet.

What’s in it?
Pure CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). No stimulants.
Conjugated Linoleic acid is a natural compound that according to all clinical researches can fight obesity. It belongs to the fatty acids category and is one of the healthy ones.

What will I feel?
On the surface nothing weird, since it works underneath. It has nothing to do with the workout, and by this we mean that can be used by persons that don’t workout. At the same time it has a positive action to our general health.

Which are the best supplement to combine with CLA?
It can be combined with any supplement. For a better and more complete fat burning it should be taken along with Liquid Carnitne and if we workout hard enough it can be combined with Complete Burn.