What is it:
Complete Growth is a complete formula for muscle growth, recovery and increase in lean muscle mass.

What does it contain:
It contains the ideal ratio of protein and carbohydrates, while it is enriched with the highest quality ingredients that will increase strength, recovery and muscle energy and performance, such as the highest quality creatine (Creapure), ZMA, EMB, Beta Alanine, as well as special digestive enzymes, which will help in the faster and more complete digestion and absorption of all these components.

What will I feel?
Taking a dose of Complete Growth immediately after training will feel immediate muscle recovery and replenishment of lost glycogen,  an immediate increase in physical and mental energy. In the long run the main benefit of Complete Growth is the fact that the body will be able to respond to intense training without injuries, while each workout will get more value.

What does it combine with?
Complete Growth contains almost everything the body needs after training in order to fully recover and grow. Can be combined with a quality pre workout supplement, such as Complete Pre as well as a complex of amino acids and electrolytes such as Complete Intra.