For centuries the most important source of protein for humans was red, veal. Today Analyses have shown that the benefits of veal musculature are numerous and significant . The only negative with this type of diet are those that are included also in meat. And of course we are talking about fat and cholesterol.

The Beef Protein of WARRIORLAB only keeps positive . Holds the highest concentration of amino acids , while having eliminates excess fat , cholesterol and sugar .

At the same time it is enriched with Creatine, Glutamine, BCAA, L-Ornithine and MCT.
Most importantly element of Beef Protein is isolated (isolate) microfiltration which has been submitted, making the final product directly absorbable. This filtering technique allows the separation of peptides in fast, medium and slow absorption, which means a longer time to provide the amino acid in the muscle, rather than direct digestion of the digestive system.

Like any protein fomoula of WARRIORLAB, the involvement of Beef Protein is simple and fast while the taste and creamy texture make it even more enjoyable.