The egg protein has the highest biological value according to the specific measurements and can be used by the body to a natural and healthy muscle development. The egg whites are known to contain only clear protein without fat and cholesterol.

WARRIORLAB’s  Egg Protein is ideal for any type of athlete or not, for any age, gender or fitness level. That’s because it contains 100% protein Albumin (egg protein), a natural source that offers the complete range of necessary for muscle growth amino acids.
Furthermore contains no lactose or fat making it as one of the most pure proteins market.
The egg protein is considered to be a slow and steady absorption protein source and therefore are ideal for bedtime or between meals, especially if meals are enough time between them.

It is also an excellent solution for those who have digestive problems with dairy products. Each dose of the WARRIORLAB’s  Egg Protein equals protein 7 egg whites.
The Egg Protein dissolves quickly in cold water. Needless mixer. Some stirs with a spoon or a few hits in a shaker and the beverage is ready. And of course we can use the Egg Protein in other types of foods, such as yogurt, cereals, pies, cakes, whenever you want tastes, with all the quality we need protein daily.