What is it?
It is a specialized product that is taken during the training and covers the body from the ingredients it loses, while at the same time it offers muscular energy, strength and endurance.

What does it contain?
WarriorLab’s revolutionary Complete Intra formula contains literally EVERYTHING the body needs during an intense workout to ensure maximum performance, strength and faster recovery. Initially it contains BCAA amino acids and in fact in the right 2: 1: 1 ratio, with special emphasis on Leucine, which is the amino acid which apart from the strongest anti-catabolic amino acid is the one that essentially plays the role of “traffic warden” that allows and accelerates flow of the remaining amino acids directly to the muscles.

The addition of vitamin B6 ensures better absorption of bcaa by the muscles. Beyond that, Complete Intra contains a strong dose of Beta Alanine for a rapid increase in energy and replenishment of muscle glycogen for faster recovery. Malate citrulline, which is also contained, is one of the key factors in shaping ATP, the basic energy unit of muscle, which means STRENGTH in its absolute form.
With a complex of energy components but also electrolytes and metals, the complete hydration of the muscle cells is ensured as well as the complete recovery after the training. Complete Intra is the only intra-workout dietary supplement with only minimal calories (67) and few carbohydrates that, among other things, contains pure protein (11g per dose) raising the bar even higher.

What will I feel?
Initially from the very first day, you will see that your training will be more comfortable and after the end you will still have the energy to continue your day.

What should I combine it with?
If you want to get just one supplement and get as much coverage as possible, Complete Intra is the one that best fits this scenario. However, most people combine Complete Intra with a quality protein like Complete Whey for post-workout.

**Fruit Punch Flavour contains the internationally recognized, as the best quality in the world, Kyowa glutamine, which will accelerate recovery during and after training.