Intra workout supplements are special products that can be taken during an intense workout. They are specially designed to increase rapidly the muscular performance, energy and pure mass and to accelerate the muscle recovery. The evolutionary formula, WarriorLab’s Complete Intra contains EVERYTHING the body needs during the workout in order to ensure the maximum performance, strength and recovery.

Basically it contains BCAA amino acids in the ideal ratio 2:1:1, emphasized in Leucine the most powerful anabolic amino acid that ensures and increases the other aminos flowing right inside the muscle cells. Adding B6 vitamin it ensures the better absorption of all the other aminos. Also Complete Intra contains Beta Alanine for rapid energy increasement and glycogen replenishment for faster recovery.

Citrulline Malate is one of the most basic factors that form the ATP the main muscle energy source and this means absolute POWER.

With an energy complex and minerals we have the total hydration of the muscle cells and complete recovery as well.
Complete Intra is the only intra workout supplement contains a minimum of calories (only 52 per dose), almost zero carbs (>2gr per dose) but also contains pure protein (11gr. per dose) raising our standards to the sky limits.