Many may wonder if caffeine anhydrous is safe, if it is just like drinking coffee, or if it is similar to drinking an energy drink. Caffeine anhydrous is basically a supplement like any other, such as whey protein, vitamin c, or creatine. It not only is a real substance that is used daily throughout the world, but it also is a supplement given to help users have a rush or hype.

“Caffeine anhydrous” has essentially no water—just 0.5%. For this reason, logic and chemistry suggest that anhydrous caffeine is more potent. The anhydrous form could also be more potent because, according to some evidence, the body may absorb it more readily.
Caffeine anhydrous has been used as a supplement for dieting, as a workout boost, or even for mental awareness. This supplement is a dehydrated form of coffee, therefore it can be taken as a pill or powder.

A caffeine anhydrous pill has the same effect as drinking a cup of coffee in the morning to wake someone up. Caffeine anhydrous is simply an easy way to consume caffeine.