MALTODEXTRIN, 1500g (WARRIORLAB)  Μaltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate that comes mainly from corn starch, rice or potato, after a partial hydrolysis process. Despite the complexity of the shape and the beams can be absorbed, digestible and metabolized relatively easily. This is because the chain links is weak and breaks easily. This results absorbed a little slower than dextrose.

The great advantage of maltodextrin is that this very slightly even slower absorption, can benefit the athlete after holding stable insulin levels and blood sugar, thus maintaining the absorption of other nutrients longer. It also prevents the possibility of a sharp drop in insulin and energy after the receipt.
It is therefore an excellent form of carbohydrate for download before training to maintain high energy levels of the athlete for the entire period of exercising.

The appropriate dose when combined with protein after training is 1-4gr Maltodextrine per 1gr Protein, wherein at 4g achieved the fullest possible recovery.
By Maltodextine of WARRIORLAB ensure constant energy throughout the workout, protect the musculature, faster absorption of other nutrients and more complete recovery.