What is it?

The new Hydro Plus protein is an evolutionary protein formula from Hydrolized whey protein at its most, Isolate and Concentrate Whey protein that supports 100% rapid absorption

What’s in it?
It contains only the highest quality and quantity of microfiltrated whey protein. At the same time, it is enriched with large doses of amino acids (bcaa & glutamine) for faster recovery and muscle protection.
It contains no gluten and aspartame and it’s very important the fact that the main ingredient, milk, is from animals (cows) that are being fed only with grass and not with industrial, chemical foods (Grass Fed Cows).

What is Optipep® 90?
Optipep® 90 is a hydrolysed whey protein that contains optimal levels of dipeptides, tripeptides and free amino acids. This maximises the absorption capacity and effective delivery of essential protein nutrients to facilitate muscle growth, repair, refuelling and recovery.

What will I feel?
Rapid recovery after an intense training. You will not feel any stomach issues and bloatings.  You will feel better prepared for the next day’s workout.

Which products can be combined with Hydro Plus?
Hydro Plus can be combined with any other supplement, depending of the user’s final target. Most of the users also take Multi Vitamins and a complex shake like Complete Intra.